North Pole in 2022

A voyage where the journey is as important as the destination, a North Pole cruise is a bucket-list achievement for any traveler. In addition to the thrill of standing at the top of the world, you’ll travel in comfort aboard “50 Years of Victory”– the most powerful icebreaker ever built.

Your journey to the North Pole takes you through Franz Josef Land, a rugged archipelago with scenic grandeur. This High Arctic wilderness contains endless opportunities to observe the pristine nature and vivid wildlife, and to witness the history of early polar explorations.

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Top of the World

21 Jul - 02 Aug 2022

12 days

July 22, Murmansk (Russia)

50 Years of Victory

13 days

Aug 02, Murmansk (Russia)

Helicopter sightseeing Photography

North Pole map route


Day 1: Murmansk, Russia (hotel night)
Murmansk view

Welcome to the city of Murmansk on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, starting point of our adventure. Upon your arrival at the airport we provide a transfer to your hotel, which has been arranged by us and is included in the price of the voyage.

Day 2: Embarkation in Murmansk
Embarkation aboard icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy

Today we provide a group transfer to the port where we welcome you aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy. Explore the ship and get orientated as we slip our moorings and sail north out of Kola Bay.

Day 3-6: The Voyage North
The Voyage North

Nowhere can it be more truly said that “getting there is half the fun”. As we cruise northward through the Barents Sea there is always the possibility of seeing whales. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to learn about the unique icebreaking capabilities of the ship. You are also treated to a tour of the engine room.

As we make our way across the ice cap, you witness firsthand the ship’s awesome power as massive ice blocks give way under the enormous bulk of the spoon-shaped bow. The sensation of being on deck at this time is surreal and unforgettable.

We also take advantage of 24-hour daylight to offer helicopter flightseeing tours. From the air you can observe the ship crushing a path through the ice. You also have a unique vantage point from which to witness the stunning beauty of this vast polar icescape.

Day 7: North Pole
Polar Plunge at the North Pole

Welcome to the geographic North Pole! After carefully navigating to 90 degrees North, we ceremoniously drop the anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice and disembark onto the frozen sea.

Now is the time to experiencing the long-anticipated thrill of standing at the top of the world. Join hands with your fellow passengers and literally walk around the world during our special International Round Dance. You are also treated to a barbeque meal on the ice. You may even have the chance to take a plunge into the icy water!

After our memorable time at the North Pole we turn around and head south. But the adventure is not over yet. The High Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land is still to come!

Day 8-10: Exploration of Franz Josef Land
Champ Island Polar bear

The Franz Josef Land archipelago, part of the Russian Arctic National Park since 2012, is a nature sanctuary. Polar bears and other quintessential High Arctic wildlife—such as walruses and some rare whale species—can be spotted anytime, anywhere in and around Franz Josef Land. Scree slopes and cliffs around the islands host enormous nesting colonies of migratory seabirds such as guillemots, dovekies, and ivory gulls. We take advantage of 24-hour daylight to exploit every opportunity for wildlife viewing and excursions via Zodiac and helicopter.

Franz Josef Land is home to some interesting geological features, such as the mysterious stone spheres on Champ Island. Collectors of geographical extremes may take note that Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island is the northernmost point of land in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Franz Josef Land also offers visitors the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of famous polar explorers at well-preserved historical sites. The journals of explorers such as Julius von Payer, Benjamin Leigh Smith, Frederick George Jackson, and Fridtjof Nansen come alive at Cape Norway, Cape Flora, Eira Harbour, and Cape Tegetthoff. Memorials, monuments, crosses, and the remains of dwellings are testimony to incredible historical events that are further illuminated by our expert lecturers.

Tikhaya Bukhta is currently a Russian Arctic National Park ranger station occupying Soviet-era research buildings and was also a major base for polar expeditions. Nearby, the fascinating columnar basalt cliffs of Rubini Rock are home to thousands of nesting seabirds.

Day 11-12: The Voyage South
Presentations aboard I/b 50 Years of Victory

After our amazing time in Franz Josef Land we cross back south through the bountiful waters of the Barents Sea. Presentations and workshops by our expert staff ensure that these days at sea are not idly spent. You may also take advantage of onboard facilities and amenities such as a polar library, volleyball court, gym, two saunas, warm seawater pool, gift shop, and massage treatments. Seabird viewing and whale sightings can be enjoyed from panoramic open decks as well as exterior stateroom windows.

Day 13: Disembarkation in Murmansk
Disembarkation in Murmansk

Our once-in-a-lifetime journey comes to an end. After breakfast we say farewell in Murmansk. We provide you with a transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Standard Twin
US$ 30 395
US$ 31 995
Standard Twin
Standard Twin
Passengers Size View
2 14 M² (151 FT²) m² opening windows

One lower berth, one sofa bed, private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, opening windows.

Mini Suite
US$ 35 145
US$ 36 995
Mini Suite
Mini Suite
Passengers Size View
2 22 M² (237 FT²) m² Opening windows

Sitting area with sofa bed, sleeping bed separated from the sitting area, private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, refrigerator, opening windows.

Junior Suite
US$ 40 845
US$ 42 995
Junior Suite
Junior Suite
Passengers Size View
2 24 M² (258 FT²) m² Opening windows

Sitting area with sofa bed, sleeping bed separated from the sitting area, private facilities with a shower, TV set and DVD player, refrigerator, opening windows.

Grand Suite
US$ 41 795
US$ 43 995
Grand Suite
Grand Suite
Passengers Size View
2 26 M² (280 FT²) m² Opening windows

Sitting area with sofa bed, sleeping bed separated from the sitting area, private facilities with a bath, TV set and DVD player, refrigerator, opening windows.

Victory Suite
US$ 44 645
US$ 46 995
Victory Suite
Victory Suite
Passengers Size View
2 28 M² (301 FT²) m² Opening windows

Large bedroom and sitting room, sofa bed in sitting room, private facilities with a bathtub, refrigerator, TV set and DVD player, opening windows.

Arktika Suite
US$ 46 545
US$ 48 995
Arktika Suite
Arktika Suite
Passengers Size View
2 33 M² (355 FT²) m² Opening windows

Very spacious bedroom and sitting room, sofa bed in sitting room, private facilities with a bathtub, refrigerator, TV set and DVD player, coffee maker, opening windows.

Book early for the special rate and best cabin category availability. Cruise rates are quoted per person and based on passengers sharing a cabin. Single supplement: 1.7x for Standard cabin; 2x for Mini Suite, Junior Suite, Grand Suite, Victory Suite and Arktika Suite.

Rates Include:

  • One-night pre-cruise hotel accommodation in Murmansk, Russia, with breakfast;
  • Transfer from airport to the hotel in Murmansk one day prior to embarkation;
  • Transfer from hotel to the port in Murmansk on embarkation day;
  • Transfer from the port to the airport or central location in Murmansk upon disembarkation;
  • Shipboard accommodations with housekeeping;
  • Shipboard breakfasts, lunches, dinners and special parties;
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock;
  • Opportunities for helicopter excursions during the voyage;
  • All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac landing craft;
  • Program of lectures and informal discussions by experienced Expedition Team and guest lecturers;
  • Professional Expedition Leadership;
  • Branded Poseidon Expeditions parka to keep;
  • Rubber boots for shore landings during the cruise;
  • Reusable water bottle to keep;
  • Cabin book/journal to keep;
  • Hair dryer and bathrobes in each cabin;
  • Informative pre-departure materials;
  • All gratuities/tips for the crew and expedition team;
  • Digital Voyage Log of your journey;
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program;
  • All shipboard luggage handling;
  • Personalized medical insurance covering the risks of evacuation and repatriation. Coverage: 100,000 EUR. Duration: cruise days only. This is only for passengers under 90 years old.

Rates Do Not Include:

  • Airfare to and from your hometown to Murmansk;
  • Helicopter flying time in excess of that offered for the group;
  • Passport and visa expenses (if required); a Russian visa is required for the trip. The visa must be obtained by the guest and is at his or her expense. We will provide a visa invitation letter. We highly recommend getting your Russian visa through G3 Visa Service. If you plan to arrange a pre- or post-cruise trip on your own in Russia, we will need to know for the visa invitation letter.
  • State arrival and departure taxes (if levied);
  • Meals ashore and supplements in respect of single hotel accommodation (if required);
  • Excess luggage charges on international and local flights;
  • Telecommunication services; laundry, bar and beverage charges aboard the vessel;
  • Luggage, cancellation insurance (strongly recommended).

Air Arrangements: Airfare is not included in the cruise rate. However, we can direct you to our preferred air supplier, Exito Travel, who is familiar with our routings and can assist you with air arrangements. Simply add your name contact information, and requested travel dates to the Exito online form, and Exito will provide you with an air quotation (not earlier than 330 days before departure).

Special guest

Don Petrovich

Don Perovich

Research Geophysicist

Don Perovich is a Professor of Engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. The central goal of his research is to understand the interaction of sunlight with sea ice. He has participated in numerous field experiments including a year-long sea ice drift experiment and a trans-Arctic icebreaker expedition. He is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and has received the Department of the Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the National Science Foundation Arctic Service Award, the Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal, and the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory lifetime achievement award.


Adventure options


Free option

The Polar Regions are perhaps the most photogenic on earth, with countless beautiful scenes presenting themselves every day. Endless expanses of ice, beaches crowded with seals or penguins, sunsets over unbroken horizons, starlit skies, and even the majestic northern lights – they all present fantastic photographic opportunities – and in order to make sure that you come home with some spectacular images we offer you the chance to learn and practice your photography alongside an experienced professional.

Our expert Photographer will be on hand to answer your questions and give advice, both in the form of on-board lectures and workshops on shore. Explore the key elements of photography in a fun and relaxed setting, with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback. Learn how to see light in a new way and experiment with the techniques of composition and framing.


Free option

A helicopter aboard the 50 Years of Victory in our North Pole cruises lets our passengers be more than just spectators in this intrepid mission.

Time, weather and/or ice conditions permitting, you will experience breathtaking helicopter rides over the icebreaker as it plows its way through the ice. Just imagine how amazing photo ops this adventure provides!

The helicopter is also used to land on wild Franz Josef Land islands where we cannot use Zodiacs. So our North Pole passengers are never far from the action.

The helicopter landings and rides during the North Pole cruise are included.

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